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What is Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is an easy and natural technique that de-excites the mind and rests the body, a rest 5x deeper than our deepest level of sleep. As the mind settles, the body follows - allowing the body to release stress and fatigue. 


Unlike other meditations which require concentration or contemplation and in result keep the mind at the active thinking layer, Vedic Meditation allows for the mind to quiet and experience inner serenity. 

It’s practiced with your eyes closed, sitting comfortably, for 20 minutes twice daily. I know - who has that time! But soon you’ll go from, “how do I fit this in?” to “let’s fit everything else around my meditation.” And honestly, you’ll have more energy to fit in more.

How Can I Learn

Step 1

Sign-up for a free, 30-minute introductory talk online. There are lots of types of meditation out there, find out why Vedic Meditation is par excellence! Of course I'm biased, but sign-up to hear why. We'll have a casual talk where we get to meet and see if this type of meditation is right for you. You’ll learn more about the practice, its scientifically proven benefits and what to expect on the course. I’ll clear up any questions you may have. There’s no obligation to take the course.

Step 2

Vedic Meditation is taught in-person, over 4 consecutive days, for about 90 minutes each day. On the first day you'll receive your mantra and learn the effortless technique. The next 3 days are about refining your practice, learning more about the mechanics and what's happening in the mind and body when you meditate. By the end of the course, you’ll have mastered the technique and will be a self-sufficient meditator.


Beginners courses usually run one of two times: A day time course Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am - 11 am or an evening/weekend course Thursday & Friday from 6:30 pm - 8 pm and Saturday & Sunday 9:30 am - 11 am. Please check my calendar for upcoming course dates. If you don't see a course that works for you, please get in touch for alternative options.

Step 3

After the 4-day course, you'll be able to attend free weekly group meditations in person and virtually with Jill or any other Vedic Meditation teacher worldwide. You'll receive weekly check-in emails for 6 months and Vedic Knowledge newsletters. You're able to re-attend a future course as a refresher. You'll also have a lifetime of support around your practice.

Course Fee

If after attending an intro talk you decide to learn to meditate, there is a one-time course fee based on a sliding scale ($550 minimum for students and people on fixed incomes). It's a time honored tradition that in order to receive something of value, we must give something of value.

Where do I teach?

The 4 day beginners course is taught in person at my home in South Pasadena, CA (Los Angeles). I also teach a few times a year in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (suburbs of Detroit).

If you'd prefer to learn privately at a different location with your work team, group of friends or individually, please send me an email.

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